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Frequently Asked Questions

The Transamerica Expo Center opened in August 2001, with 20 thousand m² of rental area, divided into 3 halls (A, B, and C). In 2006, the exhibition center increased its area with 2 more halls (D and E), totalizing, then, 30 thousand m². In 2012, after 2 other halls (F and G) were built, we began to offer an area of 40 thousand m² for fairs, congresses, seminars, conventions, graduations, weddings, corporative events and concerts. Transamerica Expo Center stands out as the most modern and versatile center for exhibitions and events of Latin America.
Transamerica Expo Center has a modern infrastructure, state-of-art technology and is well placed, besides being part of an integrated urban center, which includes the convention center itself, the Hotel Transamerica São Paulo, and one of the best theaters of the city, the Teatro Alfa. Boasting more than 1000 events since its opening, the Transamerica Expo Center is the stage for the most important business events of the city.
In 2001, we opened Halls A, B, and C. In the year of 2006, the expansion of Halls D and E was incorporated to the available facilities. In 2012, two more convention and exhibition Halls were ready, named F and G Halls. The parking lot was also enlarged, with 500 underground spaces.
In average, 70 events every year, among shows, congresses, corporative events, get-togethers, social gatherings and graduations.
São Paulo Boat Show, CIAB Febraban, ExpoRevestir, Expomanagement, FCE Cosmetique and FCE Pharma, CONARH, Intermodal, Eletrolar, IHRSA, SOCESP, SOGESP, among others.
Keep the organization as leader in the management and direction of exhibition pavilions and convention centers, taking advantage of the best chances in the event segment, improving more and more the quality of the services rendered to its clients.
Our values are: humility, integrity, simplicity, transparency, growth, profitability, professionalism, leadership, clear and precise communications, time valuation, respect to contributors, tradition, safety and seriousness.
Transamerica Expo Center is the most modern convention center of the city of São Paulo due to its infrastructure, hi-end technology, and privileged location. Its facilities are of the highest quality and the maintenance is permanent. It is a completely flexible space, allowing for up to 7 simultaneous events, with independent accesses for each Hall and meeting rooms. It offers modular auditoria, with acoustic partitions, and integrated on the same floor of the exhibition area. It offers services for events, besides permanent cafeterias and restaurants, convenience store and speedy printing center.
Infrastructure, technology, quality, service, customer service, versatility, flexibility, professionalism, expertise.
Event organizers, medical societies and class associations, business managers in the areas of human resources, marketing, sales, training, show promoters, graduation agencies, event agencies and producers, travel agencies, wedding ceremonialists, video recording studios.
Yes. Transamerica Expo Center works in partnership with the Hotel Transamerica São Paulo, with Transamerica Hospitality Group and Teatro Alfa that are in the neighborhood and complete the services rendered to our clients, offering accommodations, food and entertainment services of the highest quality.
After the ending of each event. Maintenance is permanent.
Yes. Two new exhibitions halls, called Hall F (4,175 m2) and Hall G (3,638 m2) were opened in 2012, besides the underground parking lot with 500 spaces.
Transamerica Eventos renders services of deployment and update of other event spaces. It can operate from the project inception, pre-operational consultancy, implantation follow-up, management, operational consultancy, commercial consultancy, and quality audit. Some recent examples of action: Centro de Convenções Sul América (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Centro de Eventos Comandatuba (Una, Bahia), Centro de Eventos Pereira Alvim (Ribeirão Preto, SP), Expo Trade (Curitiba, PR).
The Strategic Adviser works to reposition the event center in order to generate more sales and attract more clients.
It is the assessment of present company processes to diagnose failures and opportunities to suggest adjustments, always aiming at more profitability, and better use of the enterprise.
Pre-operational consultancy consists in following since the building project conception, suggesting improvement and adjustments before the beginning of the works, and following all the stages that precede the enterprise opening dedication.
Transamerica Eventos also acts as commercial advisor, prospecting and captivating business for the enterprise. Therefore, it has a great portfolio and good relationships with clients of this sector.
Transamerica Expo Center has around 30% of the market share in São Paulo.
We can state that the months with the highest concentration are between March and November, but the months of January and February have a great concentration of corporative events and graduation parties.
We have 75% of yearly occupancy. Due to the necessary gap for mounting and dismantling between events, it is not possible to reach a total occupancy.
The average rate is 90%.
Trust in our product and our teams, the quality of the infrastructure and standard of international services, privileged location, besides the high level of accommodations near the Exhibitions Center.
It depends on the profile and layout of each event. All the Halls are completely integrated to serve events of large magnitude, and also can be individually marketed. We rent spaces varying from 150 m² (for instance a meeting room) up to 40,000 m² (exhibition area and large auditoria).
Transamerica Expo Center only is the site for events. We rent our spaces and the responsibility on organization, hiring of suppliers, security, place cleaning, mounting logistics, transportation, catering, and others is of the contractor, that is, the event promoter.
On the page “Events” of our website, it is possible to obtain the links of the events. On each link, one can find contact information, such as e-mail and telephone number.
Transamerica Expo Center is not responsible for any material nor object lost or left in our facilities. We do not have a Lost and Found sector. In some cases, it is possible to recover lost articles with the event promoter.
We suggest checking with the event organization. Generally, you will find such information on the event site, besides cost of entrance tickets, registration, public profile, and prerequisites for accreditation. To access the link of the event site, just access the page “Events.”
Yes, the Transamerica Expo Center is structured with access ramps, adapted toilets, and elevators.
The nearest hotel is the Hotel Transamerica São Paulo, with 360 rooms, located at only 500 m far from us. In all region, within a radius of up to 10 km, there are more than 7,000 options of beds. For more information, access the page “Accommodation.”
For more information on parking lot prices, contact AutoVagas by phone at (11) 3044-1397 or by e-mail sac@autovagas.com.br.
Access the page “Services” and download the “Guide of Advertisement and Merchandising.”
Please contact the Department of Events: 55 (11) 5643-3045. Or through e-mail faleexpo@transamerica.com.br
Please contact the Commercial Department: 55 (11) 5643-3041.
Please contact the Commercial Department: 55 (11) 5643-3041. Or through e-mail faleexpo@transamerica.com.br


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