Versatile, innovative and human.


Our story:

Our story begins in 2001, when we built halls A, B and C, with 20,000 m² for exhibitions. In 2006, we expanded 8,000 m² with halls D and E. Six years later, we opened halls F and G with over 8,000 m² and acoustic partitions with full modularity.

Already in 2019, we opted for a retrofit. First, the exterior facade was given a new color, migrating from beige to shades of gray. Afterwards, the central outdoor area of the halls was transformed into a green boulevard, pergolas, sun loungers and kiosks, making the atmosphere more pleasant and allowing a greater integration of the visiting public.

With this constant update, the Transamerica Expo Center is a reference in the quality of its facilities and excellence in services provided in the event market.